OCZ 646

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- Belfast Issued - Northern Ireland 3x3 Dateless Registration - 

Registration numbers can be provided on Certificate of Entitlement or Transfer to Vehicle.

All our unique registrations have DVLA’s first transfer fee Included In Price (normally £80)!

  • Transfer to Vehicle: if you want the registration assigned to your vehicle - we can do the online transfer on your behalf. Note the vehicle must be in your nominee name as the DVLA issue the new documentation to the registered keepers address.

    We will need a copy of your your vehicles current logbook / V5 document to include :
    - Current Registration
    - Document Reference Number

  • Online transfers work in most cases, however, sometimes the DVLA request that the transfer is completed via postal application, we can do this on your behalf.

  • Certificate of Entitlement:  If you decide you do not want to make a transfer of registration to a vehicle , We can post you out the certificate of entitlement. Your first application to any vehicle will be included in the total price. 

Please contact us if you have any further enquiries Please CALL - 07511209549

We can also supply number plates for your purchase 

Physical number plates are manufactured in-house (MOT, Metro, 3D, 4D)