Instant Reg Plates - 3x4 3x3 3x2 3x1 Northern Ireland Short Dateless Vehicle Registrations - All registration prices INCLUDE DVLA’s transfer fee (normally £80). Same day transfer. No hidden costs. All physical number plates are manufactured in-house. 3D &

Instant Reg Plates are market leaders of Dateless Vehicle Registrations and Stylish Number Plates.

We supply N.I dateless registrations that can be applied to any vehicle of any age.

We can offer a 'Same-Day Reg Transfer' for all Dateless Registrations and they can also be held on certificate for up-to 10 years.

We also manufacture a bespoke and stylish range of 2D , 3D & 4D numbers plates that will certainly make your vehicle stand out and leave heads turned. All our number plates are manufactured in-house to ensure the best checks when using only the highest quality number plate components and can be customised to suit any vehicle and your imagination.

Number Plate Styles

3D Black Gloss

Our most popular 3D number plates in a raised gloss black resin offer a bold, domed effect and high gloss for a premium number plate finish.

3D Carbon

Another popular plate is our 3D carbon style number plates, finished in a raised resin letter with a carbon fibre look to complement your vehicle.

3D Glitter

Our 3D Glitter gel style number plates are finished in a high sparkle glitter gel that will add a touch of sparkle to any vehicle.